Yes I Am Ambitious

I have goals and I have plans. I have always been a great employee, now it is time for me to be a great… entrepreneur…  educator…. motivator … spokesman …. me. Here, on this website, is where I want to help people who want to write, publish, and sell their books, courses, blogs, etc. I want folks to get both life and business lessons here. I want to equip them to be winners.

To this end, This will be a place for open discussion, collaboration, and instruction related to writing, publishing, and promotion. There are lots of services available to help you with the promotion of your product, (yes writing is also a product in the sense that you can get paid to do it.) if you choose to go that route. As time progresses, We may go beyond writing, perhaps into photography, however, for now, we shall focus on writing and publishing. If you are just beginning your journey, I pleased you have chosen to start here. I promise to help in any way I can. You can reach me anytime

Start date for lessons TBA,

If it is your purpose to become a paid writer, we suggest that you begin now to brand yourself as one starting from today. Let the public begin to see you as an authority in this arena. It is true that people do business with people they trust. The way you are seen and thought of enhances your credibility.

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