Stay Focused

My God, my God, if any one tells you being a winner is easy, they are lying to you. It is one of if not the hardest thing you will ever do.     

If you knew all I have gone through this last three years but especially the last six months, you would be amazed that I am still able to function much less win. However, I will share with you that it is no secret. It is hard work, it is dedication, it is passion, and above all these things, it is faith and belief that I am worthy to be a winner.  I know it is my destiny. This has to be your mindset if you want to be a winner.

There will be much adversity, many obstacles, lots of hate (while they smile and which you well), You must stay strong, seek to bring your goals into existence.  Have a single focus, do not be distracted. There is so much going on right now, and  it   is so easy to lose sight of your intention. I promise you, if you keep your eye on the prize and strive every day to reach it, and keep your faith, and not grow weary, you will make it. I know I will or I will die trying. This is my attitude because I know God wants me to succeed, I am daughter of the Most High and like any father, He wants my (our) success. The world is watching, what are you showing them?

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