Welcome To Winning Like A Boss. I am your host, Diana Broomfield.   

I am an Internet Marketer and Internet Radio Host, Author, and Blogger. I have over 40 years of experience and practice as a Nurse and I love it, I also have an additional career. I am an affiliate marketer, meaning I promote other people’s products and services and they pay me, I am also multi-level marketer.

This site, Winning Like A Boss came about because I have an idea for a book series. I have completed the first installment and it is available on Amazon for Kindle readers.. The book is titled

Winning Like A Boss!: Make Power Moves by Developing A Power Mindset

I have my own web-based store. I sell housewares, decorative items, keepsakes, collectibles, luggage, and other items to give away as gifts or to keep for yourself. Take a look at
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In addition to that I have my own Facebook page for Winning Like A Boss, where I share friendship, knowledge and tips to help and support others on their individual paths to financial independence. Check out the Winning Like A Boss  Facebook Page when you have a moment.


One more thing, if you are looking for an income opportunity, or you need your own domain, website and/or hosting check out Own Your Domain I think you have gathered that I am an advocate for multiple streams of income. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello, drop me a note.

 I certainly believe in giving back so I started a non profit to assist children in exploring and excelling in music and all related arts. It’s called Children’s World of Music and we make the world beautiful, one note at a time. Please visit our website and if you want to support Our Vision, consider donating to the cause directly from the website, any amount helps. If you would rather, you can shop on amazon.com via smile.amazon.com and make Children’s World of Music your charity.

Recently I found a community that reminds me of Internet Marketers Network, but on steroids. Truly a place where all can learn, Newbies, Intermediate, and Advanced Marketers can learn, teach and grow. Check out Wealthy Affiliates and while your there visit my profile page too. I’ll be happy to assist you in any way I can.